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We will discover the secrets of improvisation. We also will watch and learn the styles such as Pop, Swing, Latin, Tango, Bossa, Blues, Boogie and many more.

While playing new pieces we will get insights into the basics of Jazz harmony and phrasing for classical piano players like you!

In my opinion, (musical) education deserves to be as individual as the student is. So, there will be no boring, repetitive drills but fresh, creative, new and individual lessons! Tailor made for you!

I also provide exercises written down on professional notation software and if you wish audio files easily can be provided so you can practice them at home.

The possibilities are endless!

Every level is welcome because we can produce good music at every stage.

You don´t dare to try out free impros because you think you hardly can play Chopin?

I will show you very mind-freeing tricks and hints which maybe will not make you another Herbie Hancock (who knows?), but definitely will turn your playing much more happily!!!

For a good part we mostly will play on two pianos, so you´ll get a musical response at any time!

My music collections is really huge (and I KNOW the music) so we can discover new musicians every time!

See a short video with my friend (and pupil) Markus who always only was playing classical music "only" (mainly Bach which is great of course!)

See the full website 

on Jazz for Classics